The foundation of Medistar’s success begins with Monzer Hourani’s founding of M. Hourani and Associates Consulting Engineers in 1971. The firm performed structural engineering services on 590 commercial buildings in 43 states and four foreign countries. As the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas developed into the world’s largest medical district, M. Hourani earned selection to a growing number of medical projects.

Leveraging core competencies, innovative designs and integration of advanced technology into its buildings, Monzer Hourani founded Medistar Corporation and quickly established the company as a leading medical real estate development company.

Since its founding, Medistar has developed projects with cutting edge design, the latest technological advancements to meet the needs of high-growth, medically underserved markets. Throughout the company’s history, Medistar has pioneered operating partnerships with healthcare providers that create value for all the parties in the development.

Today, Medistar’s growing success in developing dynamic medical facilities is the result of solid working relationships with physicians, healthcare companies and large hospital chains that have been developed over many years and are founded on Medistar’s dependability, loyalty, innovation, cost-effectiveness and timeliness.