Monzer Hourani founded M. Hourani and Associates Consulting Engineers in 1971. This firm provided structural engineering services on 590 commercial buildings in 43 states and four countries outside the U.S. As the Texas Medical Center in Houston grew into the world’s largest medical district, M. Hourani and Associates earned selection to a growing number of complex, medical projects.

Leveraging healthcare project experience and relationships, in 1974 Monzer Hourani founded Medistar Corporation as a medically-focused real estate development company. Medistar quickly earned national recognition for developing modern, economical and technologically robust hospitals, integrated medical plazas and medical office buildings.

Today, Medistar’s platform for real estate development, financing and acquisitions is expansive and includes a broad range of medical and non-medical products. On all Medistar projects, required architectural and engineering services are performed by highly experienced, independent consultants.